World Championships 2024

We are happy to congratulate Anna Čežíková and Lucie Jansová for a great 8th place at the World Championships in Altenberg in the women’s doubles category and an even better 3rd place in U23 (under 23).
Today the girls have a race in singles, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for them!

“8th place after 33 years for the Czech sled! Anna Čežíková and Lucie Jansová fearlessly descended into the ice trough at the Luge World Championships and won an excellent 8th place in the pairs race.

This is the best finish for the Czech luge since 1991. The girls were still a few years “on the mushroom”. Nice work.
We wish you lots of good races in the future. At least as good as the second round in Altenberg. ”
Český olympijský tým
Český olympijský tým

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