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Českomoravská sáňkařská asociace, z. s. was founded in December 1992 and is the successor of the Czechoslovak bobsleigh and luge association. It brings together physical education units and sections active in this Olympic sport in the Czech Republic. ČMSA is a full member of ČUS in the Chamber of Unions, a member of the International Luge Federation FIL and the Czech Olympic Committee.

As part of the schedule of ČMSA competitions, competitions are organized from section championships to championship competitions, including the Czech Championship in all categories. Competitions are held in single-seater, two-seater sled races and team competitions in winter, and in summer competitions on roller sleds only in individual races, also in all categories. Apart from these competitions, there are also cup competitions with international participation.

Our representative teams of juniors and adults participate in events announced both by our association and in competitions according to the schedule of the international luge federation FIL – world cups, European championships and world championships regularly.

One of our goals is to support talented youth. During international youth competitions, our teams in this category gain valuable experience compared to other competitors from abroad. It must be said that the results in international competitions are very good. Let’s remember, for example, the placing of competitors at the European Youth Championship in 2004, when we took 1st and 2nd place in the youth C category. Comparable results are still being achieved today.

Luge is a regional sport, we currently have two tracks at our disposal, namely in Smržovka for both summer and winter, this is concrete above ground with natural ice and further in Klášterec nad Ohří, where the track is also concrete and is used in the summer for training competitors. We will be happy to welcome new adepts of this sport in our ranks in the already mentioned regions.

In 2016, the activity of the section of nature tracks, which is dedicated to athletes from TJ Jiskra Jeseník,  TJ DUKLA Liberec and Spartak Smržovka. In this area, we have representative teams of juniors and adults, and in the mentioned TJ also youth teams. We hope that this sport will be included in the program of the Olympic Games soon.

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